Moylisha Tomb: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time and Mystery

moylisha wicklow

Nestled on the north face of Moylisha Hill, just 6.1 km west of Shillelagh in County Wicklow, Ireland, the Moylisha Wedge Tomb, also known as Labbanasighe, stands as a profound testament to ancient spirituality and enigmatic folklore.

A Glimpse into History:
Constructed during the Copper Age or Bronze Age, approximately between 2300–1000 BC, Moylisha Tomb carries echoes of an age long past. Its original name, “Labbanasighe,” intriguingly translates to “Bed of the Bitch” in Irish, although local lore in Parkbridge weaves tales of the “Bed of the Fairies.” Excavations in 1937 unearthed potsherds, cremated bones, stone disks, and intriguingly, two valves of a sandstone mold for lozenge-bladed socket-looped spearheads.

The Spiritual Sanctity:
Moylisha Wedge Tomb, with its rectangular cairn measuring 13 m × 10 m, cradles a gallery 7.5 m in length, aligned NW–SE. The gallery, adorned with an antechamber and a main chamber that widens southeastward, is a doorway to the spiritual unknown. The solitary displaced roofstone within the gallery adds an air of mystery, as if inviting modern souls to commune with the ancients.

The Spiritual Experience:
As you stand within the shadow of this ancient marvel, allow your senses to awaken to the whispers of the past. The sacred aura of Moylisha Tomb beckons you into a timeless trance. Commune with the spirits of bygone eras, offering reverence to the ancestors who once called this place sacred. You might leave offerings, perhaps wildflowers or handwritten notes, creating a bridge between your world and theirs.

Meditative Contemplation:
In the silence of this sacred space, indulge in meditative contemplation. Close your eyes, breathe in the ageless energy, and open your heart and mind to the mysteries that surround you. Reflect upon the ancient souls who sought solace and connection in this very place. Through meditation, you bridge the temporal gap, transcending centuries to unite with the spiritual essence that lingers here.

Ceremonial Reverence:
Imagine the rhythmic chants of ceremonies echoing through the chamber, connecting generations of seekers. Moylisha Tomb, with its alignment and structure, becomes the perfect backdrop for modern spiritual gatherings. Engage in rituals, share stories, and feel the energies intertwine, creating a tapestry of spiritual reverence across time.

Moylisha Tomb, with its mystical charm and historical significance, invites you to embark on a spiritual odyssey. It’s not merely a monument; it’s a gateway to the sacred, a portal where the past and present merge, and where seekers find solace in the embrace of the ancient mysteries of County Wicklow.

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