Coollattin Golf Club

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Swing into Paradise at Minmore Mews: Where Every Golfer Finds Their Fairway

Prepare to tee off in style, just a chip shot away from Minmore Mews Self Catering Accommodation. Coollattin Golf Club, nestled in the lush greens of County Wicklow, invites golf enthusiasts to putt, drive, and sink into an extraordinary golfing adventure that’s more than just par for the course.

Tee Up in Nature’s Embrace:
Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of County Wicklow as you putt your way through our meticulously designed fairways. With sweeping vistas and picturesque holes, every swing becomes a scenic masterpiece. Coollattin Golf Club isn’t just a course; it’s a canvas where golfers paint their best strokes against nature’s backdrop.

A Hole-in-One Experience:
At Coollattin Golf Club, we don’t just provide a golfing experience; we deliver a hole-in-one adventure. From birdies to eagles, our course offers challenges and rewards that keep every golfer on their toes. Sink that winning putt on our well-manicured greens and celebrate your victory in style.

Clubhouse Charms and Greenside Grins:
After your round, join us in the clubhouse, your 19th hole oasis. Swing by our pro shop, where every golfer’s dream becomes a reality with the latest equipment. Then, unwind in our welcoming bar and restaurant, where delicious fare is served with a side of camaraderie. Minmore Mews and Coollattin Golf Club – where the greens are greener, the swings are smoother, and every golfer finds their perfect rhythm.

Tee Off in Tranquility:
Join us at Coollattin Golf Club, where golfing dreams drive straight into reality. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, our fairways are waiting. Minmore Mews welcomes golf enthusiasts with open arms and a guarantee: here, your golfing experience is always up to par.

Welcome to Coollattin Golf Club, where every swing tells a story, and golfing adventures are as grand as the rolling hills around you. Grab your clubs and get ready to score your best round yet – right in the heart of nature’s playground.

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