Bunclody Golf and Fishing Club

Fore-ward to Minmore Mews, your gateway to golfing greatness in Wicklow! Just a quick half-hour drive away lies the dazzling Bunclody Golf and Fishing Club, nestled in 300 acres of former Hall-Dare Estate parklands. This golf haven isn’t just a course; it’s a sprawling adventure for every golfer.

A Lift to Lift Your Spirits:
At Bunclody, even the lift is designed for the ease of weary golfers. It’s a feature worth its weight in golf balls, especially after tackling the challenging course. A stroke of genius that puts a skip in every golfer’s step!

Where Opulence Meets Green Glory:
Opulence meets rural charm at Minmore Mews, echoing the magnificent aura of the former Hall-Dare Estate. Bunclody Golf and Fishing Club, a jewel in Ireland’s golfing crown, boasts over 7,000 yards of golfing grandeur. Designed by Jeff Howes, it stands tall as Wicklow’s highest golfing peak, promising a challenging yet exhilarating experience.

A Neighbor to Majesty:
Adjacent to the iconic Mount Juliet, Bunclody Golf and Fishing Club is set to be Wicklow’s golfing gem. The town of Bunclody adds its rustic charm, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Adare’s allure. And when the day’s play is done, the luxurious Carlton Millrace Hotel awaits, just a stone’s throw away from Bunclody’s entrance.

At Minmore Mews, we’re not just close to golfing greatness; we’re your charming home base for all your golfing escapades. Join us for rounds filled with camaraderie, friendly competition, and, of course, plenty of pun-derful moments. Let’s make every swing a memorable one! ⛳️🏌️‍♂️✨

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