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Unleash your artistic spirit at Minmore Shillelagh cottages, a haven for creative souls in the heart of Co. Wicklow. Perfect for art and creativity retreats, our six private cottages are set amidst inspiring natural beauty.

Embrace the serenity of the countryside, where the whispering winds and rustling leaves provide the ideal backdrop for artistic expression. Spacious accommodations offer room to create, while communal areas foster artistic camaraderie and idea exchange. Whether you’re a painter, writer, musician, or any creative enthusiast, our peaceful retreat nourishes your imagination.

We will ensure your stay is seamless, allowing your creativity to flow freely. Immerse yourself in Wicklow’s artistic embrace, where every moment becomes a masterpiece.


When I began searching for the right venue for a 5-day songwriting retreat, it was almost impossible to find somewhere that ticked every box – until I found Minmore Mews.

This is a stunning location, surrounded by some of the most beautiful views in Ireland. Each of the houses are beautiful inside, furnished with all that you could need.

Because of the remote location, this really felt like we were away from everyone and everything, which was the most wonderful feeling of escape.

To find somewhere that could accommodate in excess of 15 people was really hard, but this venue had plenty of space for all of us. Throughout our stay, many of the participants commented on Minmore Mews as being one of the most special places they have ever stayed.

The hosts, Donal and John, were so accommodating with all of my requests and were happy to either step in or step back as necessary. We greatly appreciate all of their help with the running of the week, and would love to return again in the future.

Ben Pyne
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